Monthly Archives: June 2016

New Raspberry PI images uploaded.

I’ve uploaded new images. Both a Fedora 23 refresh and new Fedora 24 images. There are not many changes, almost all notes from the two older articles here and here still apply.

Noteworthy change is that the 32bit images don’t have a 64bit kernel for the rpi3 any more, so both rpi2 and rpi3 boot a armv7 kernel. If you want run your rpi3 in 64bit mode go for the arm64 image which has both 64bit kernel and userspace. Reason for that is that 32bit dnf running on a 64bit kernel throws errors due to the unknown aarch64 architecture so you can’t update the system. And, no, using “linux32 dnf …” doesn’t work either, dnf still complains, it doesn’t know what armv8 is …