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fbida 2.11 released

New fbida release is out.

Needed something lightweight for drm testing. So I’ve decided to give the fbi display code a overhaul:

  • Untangled the console switching code from the fbdev code.
  • Added support for drm, which also is the new default.
  • Missing console switching support is not a fatal error any more.

The last item implies that you can start fbi from a remote login just fine now. When running on drm this actually works pretty well, fbi will simply allocate a new framebuffer and link it to the output, so things are nicely separated. When running on fbdev framebuffer access coordination goes away without console switching, so fbi and other users can draw at the same time. So if you find a friendly blinking fbcon cursor in the middle if your image, this is the reason for it.

Download the bits here.

input 1.1 released

Next release for the input utility collection. A bunch of fixes piled up in git over the last years. High time to do a release.

Also lsinput got a overhaul, by default it prints a compact, one line per device format now. Got switches for a verbose listing (-v) and to limit output to a specific device (-s), simliar to lspci and lsusb. Long overdue with lots of stuff using the input layer these days, my laptop has 20 evdev devices …