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https only

This server has been reachable via https for quite some time already. Starting today any unencrypted http request will be redirected to the encrypted https page, effectively forcing encrypted connections.

cvs is gone is offline now.  Most stuff got moved over to git:

  • xawtv 3.x and 4.x are hosted at now.
  • Most other projects found a new home at
  • If you miss something you can drop me a mail. Some stuff I’ve considered obsolete wasn’t migrated over to git.  If there is popular demand I might reconsider 😉

Once you are used to use git you’ll never look back to cvs …

up & running

Finally.  The new box is online now.  New domain: moving from to  Also switching vcs from cvs to git.  Managing content with wordpress.  And you can connect using IPv6 now.  IPv4 of course works too.  Enjoy!