QEMU and OpenGL.

3D acceleration landing in UIs and display devices.


Gerd Hoffmann <kraxel@redhat.com>

KVM Forum 2015, Seattle


vga: cirrus

vga: stdvga

set any video mode using xrandr


width="$1"; height="$2"
if test "$width" = "" -o "$height" = ""; then
	echo "usage: $0 width height"; exit 1

output=$(xrandr --query | awk '/ connected/ { print $1; exit }')

xrandr --query | grep -q -e " $mode "
if test "$?" != "0"; then
	ml=$(cvt $width $height | grep Modeline | cut -d" " -f3-)
	xrandr --newmode "$mode" $ml
	xrandr --addmode "$output" "$mode"

xrandr --output "$output" --mode "$mode"

vga: virtio

multihead, tablets and input routing

multihead and absolute pointing devices.

console/ui: Initial OpenGL support (qemu 2.4)

next steps for OpenGL support (qemu 2.5 ?)

Better OpenGL support for gtk (qemu 2.5 ?)

Headless OpenGL support

Intel vGPU integration

OpenGL remote display

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