Just received a email asking where we are in terms of virgl support in qemu, partly because the links from last years kvm talk are outdated meanwhile. I suspect there might be more folks wondering, so it is probably a good idea to write up an update in public. So, here we go with the news ...

virglrenderer isn't a branch in Dave's mesa repo any more, it got factored out into its own git repo.

The mesa guest driver still is in Dave's mesa repo (branch virgl-mesa-driver).

The xorg guest driver is not needed any more because xorg can do 2d acceleration via opengl/mesa now.

The guest kernel driver is in my virtio-gpu branch.

The qemu bits are splitted over two branches at the moment: The sdl2 and opengl bits are in my sdl branch, whereas the virtio-gpu bits are in the vga branch. In theory making things work should be as easy as merging these two branches. I didn't test this for a while though as I'm busy bringing the first batch of virtio-gpu patches (with 2d support only) into shape for upstream merging.

Upstream merge is stalled atm because the virtio-gpu patches depend on virtio 1.0 support, which in turn is blocked by qemu being in freeze for the 2.3 release right now. Things should start moving forward very soon though, once qemu 2.3 is released the master branch will be opened for 2.4 development.