You might have noticed meanwhile that Fedora 25 ships with raspberry pi support and might have wondered what this means for my packages and images.

The fedora images use a different partition layout than my images. Specifically the fedora images have a separate vfat partition for the firmware and uboot and the /boot partition with the linux kernels lives on ext2. My images have a vfat /boot partition with everything (firmware, uboot, kernels), and the rpms in my repo will only work properly on such a sdcard. You can't mix & match stuff and there is no easy way to switch from my sdcard layout to the fedora one.

Current plan forward:

I will continue to build rpms for armv7 (32bit) for a while for existing installs. There will be no new fedora 25 images though. For new devices or reinstalls I recommend to use the official fedora images instead.

Fedora 25 has no aarch64 (64bit) support, although it is expected to land in one of the next releases. Most likely I'll create new Fedora 25 images for aarch64 (after final release), and of course I'll continue to build kernel updates too.

Finally some words on the upstream kernel status:

The 4.8 dwc2 usb host adapter driver has some serious problems on the raspberry pi. 4.7 works ok, and so do the 4.9-rc kernels. But 4.7 doesn't get stable updates any more, so I jumped straight to the 4.9-rc kernels for mainline. You might have noticed already if you updated your rpi recently. The raspberry pi foundation kernels don't suffer from that issue as they use a different (not upstream) driver for the dwc.