Fedora 28 was released last week, so here are the fresh Fedora 29 images for qemu.

As usual the images don't have a root password. You have to set one using virt-customize -a --root-password "password:<secret>", otherwise you can't login after boot.

Some images use grub2 as bootloader, some use systemd-boot. The filename indicates which uses which. The x86_64 and i686 images can be booted with both uefi and bios firmware. The arm images come as grub2 variant only. systemd-boot doesn't support 32bit arm and crashes on 64bit arm.

The images can also be booted as container, using systemd-nspawn --boot --image <file>, but you have to convert them to raw first as systemd-nspawn can't handle qcow2.

The 32bit arm image (armhfp) isn't there because doesn't boot for me. Seems the fedora grub2-efi.armhfp package has trouble booting the kernel in qemu (with edk2 firmware). To be investigated if I find some time. Note: The fedora 28 image uses a custom grub2-efi.armhfp package as fedora didn't ship grub2-efi.armhfp in version 28.

The images have been created with imagefish.